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OFFER: Refer a friend & receive a premium package! – October 2018

OFFER: Refer a friend & receive a premium package! – October 2018

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About This Offer

If you have an account on Part Hunter and refer a friend to purchase a premium package, you will receive the identical package for FREE! Our team at Part Hunter are offering this special deal to help spread the word about our site. We want to provide the best opportunities for people to use Part Hunter and experience all the features we have. Being able to refer a friend allows both yourself and your mate to join the Part Hunter platform to buy, sell, request car and motorbike parts, or search for an automotive service.

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How to Refer a Friend

The following section explains how to access this limited time offer,

1. Make a Part Hunter Account

If you do not currently have a Part Hunter account, then navigate to the registration page and complete the fields to sign-up to Part Hunter for free.

2. Contact Your Friend

Talk to your friends, family, work colleagues, whoever and tell them about the site! Create enough interest that they want to sign-up to Part Hunter.

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3. They Purchase a Premium Package

Part Hunter is free for all users. When you make an account on Part Hunter you will always be able to post unlimited ads. To help support the site and have the ability to post featured ads, Part Hunter offers two premium packages at affordable prices to help your ad be seen more.

Part Hunter - Refer a friend packages

To access this offer the person you referred will need to purchase one of our premium packages. The Home Mechanic is the first premium package that we offer. By purchasing this they will get 4 featured ads to post over one month, as well as 1 bump-up for a selected ad. In addition you will also be able to contribute to the blog. The Enthusiast package is the 2nd package we offer, and is perfect for anyone who wants to post a high volume of ads. By purchasing this, your friend will get 10 featured ads to post over one month, in addition to 4 bump-ups and blog contribution.

4. They Enter Your Username and Email at the Checkout

So the Part Hunter team can be notified when you have referred a friend, your referred person will need to enter details in the checkout once they purchase one of the premium packages. In the “Additional Information” field, they will need to enter your Part Hunter username, and the email you used when you first registered. A link to your Part Hunter profile would also be helpful but is not required. If this step is not done correctly, we will not be able to confirm your referral. If there are any difficulties please contact the Part Hunter team for assistance.

Part Hunter - Refer a friend checkout

5. The Part Hunter Team Will Email You a Coupon Code

Once we have received the order for a premium package with your contact information written in the additional information field, the team will email you a code that can be claimed next time you order the identical package. The code will provide a discount of 100%, hence saving you either $10 or $20! Keep in mind that this offer can be accessed an unlimited number of times per user. Therefore, if you refer three friends, you receive three packages which are stacked, giving yourself premium features for up to three months.


This offer is valid until 01/12/2018. Part Hunter reserves the right to deny access to this refer a friend offer if we deem that fraud, extortion, manipulation, or any breach of the Part Hunter T&Cs has occurred. This offer is able to be claimed an unlimited number of times per user until the deal ends on 01/12/2018. You must have a Part Hunter account to be eligible for this offer.

Contact Us

If you need help with setting up an account or posting an ad, please contact us either using the contact form or directly at We also appreciate feedback on how to improve the site.


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