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Join the discussion on the Part Hunter Forum! – November 2018

Join the discussion on the Part Hunter Forum! – November 2018

The Part Hunter Forum

The Part Hunter forum is the destination to talk anything automotive related. Have questions on how to change blinker fluid, or want to rant about roadworks in your region? The forum is the best place to create discussions while connecting with other Part Hunter users who have motors on their mind. The Part Hunter forum was made in conjunction with our site to represent ourselves as more than just another classifieds site. By having the forum (as well as the blog), it provides our users with a place to discuss all things automotive. So what are you waiting for? Join now or view the rest of the community that Part Hunter offers.

Part Hunter Forum topics - Part Hunter Blog
Some of the main topics

The Part Hunter Community

Part Hunter is not just an automotive marketplace, we aim to be a community for all like-minded auto enthusiasts. With blogs, forum and a newsletter, users will come to buy and sell parts but stay for the community. An importance of the community on Part Hunter is giving users the best chance to increase their automotive knowledge. As the community grows, so will the knowledge base which can spread among users. The Part Hunter forum provides the perfect environment for this to occur. Topics can range from specific car models, to project stories, or even non-automotive conversations in “The Pub” section. We hope that this forum can be successful by providing a helpful (and fun) resource to our true rev-head users.

Part Hunter Forum subtopics - Part Hunter Blog
Each topic on the forum has sub-topics

Forum Features

Regular forum users should find no major differences in the functions of the Part Hunter forum in comparison to other automotive forums on the net. When designing the interface and general look, we decided to make it modern using material design with colours matching the general theme of the main site. To have the best interaction with other posters, features on the forum include quoting and tagging. Furthermore, we have also enabled reactions. By using reactions you can display your feelings about a post whether it was good, bad, or funny (to name a few). The total number of reactions a user has received on their posts will show underneath their user profile when posting. Overall the forum is a user-friendly environment where knowledge can be shared, and funny automotive are told. The team at Part Hunter hope you enjoy it!

Part Hunter Forum post - Part Hunter Blog
Quote, tag, and react to other users’ posts

Contact Us

If you need help with setting up an account or posting an ad on the main site, please contact us either using the contact form or directly at We appreciate feedback on how to improve the site as well.

Our team have worked hard to create this platform for Australians to use and hope that it can provide easier access to auto parts across the country.


Part Hunter Community


Happy Hunting!


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