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Australian Winter a Little Cold? Turn Your Car into a Hot Tub!

Australian Winter a Little Cold? Turn Your Car into a Hot Tub!

Can you turn your car into a hot tub? Well that is exactly what popular mad man Colin Furze did!

How did he do it?

Colin Furze, a former plumber is no stranger to crazy projects. Furze’s other work includes rocket bikes and giant Star Wars AT-AT replicas. I think turning your car into a hot tub is borderline genius though. Although there is no official name, some floated by the former plumber include BMBubbleU and Convertapool. Being an engineer myself, finding out how he undertook this project is just as exciting watching him drive it at full speed packed with bubbles.

“Spa Car, BMBubbleU Jacruzii or Convertapool what ever name you give it this thing.” – Colin Furze

He started off with an old BMW 325i cabriolet destined for the dump. Some of you might think that this was an easy project, just get the hose and turn it on. But to turn your car into a hot tub there is a lot of considerations you must make. Furze had to strip the car and seal all the openings and holes where water could escape. He completed this mostly by welding and using expanding foam. Above all for safety, the electrics had to be water proofed. Furze the (not) very qualified engineer did it quick, just sealing all the electrics into the dash. Yes it works, but you won’t be able to access them again!

As a result, now he could put a hose in and “fill her up”, but this was not good enough by Furze’s standards. Continuing his project, he wanted it to be as realistic as possible.  Hence heat and bubbles were needed. The heat was transferred to the water via elements on the floor of the car which used the heat from the engine. On the other hand the bubbles were a much more simple concept, done with two leaf blowers. Other than leaks and suspension that couldn’t hold up the filled vehicle, there were some humorous issues. Due to the buoyancy of expanding foam, some parts of the car didn’t feel like staying attached to the body. Consequently when filling the car for the first time (shown in another colinfurze video) , the seat became detached and floated to the surface.

“Yea…. bit of an issue, the back seat is floating.”

So, you have just turned your car into a hot tub, how do you make it even cooler? Install a barbecue and cover it in artificial grass! These two additions by Furze made the hot tub car even better. Furze and his mate get a bit hungry, so they decided to cook some burger patties. Unfortunately they decided it was a good idea to do this while driving. As a result, more meat patties ended up on the tarmac rather then in their mouths.

Turn your car into a hot tub? Hmm maybe not!

Thinking about turning your car into a hot tub? Before you even attempt this, I would recommend getting permission from your parents or partner. I am sure they do not want to have to do the school run or drive in peak hour traffic covered in bubbles! In my opinion, this should be left to the professional himself, Mr Furze.

Here are some more screenshots from Colin Furze’s project.

turn your car into a hot tub welds - Part Hunter Blog

You can view Colin’s crazy project (and many others), on his YouTube channel here. Or maybe you could find a hot tub car in our project listings.


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