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  • What is Part Hunter

    Part Hunter is an online market place based in Australia, which specializes in buying and selling of used automotive parts, automotive service listings and project cars. Part Hunter also has a community element, which provides a blog, forum and monthly newsletter to help users connect and share their experiences, knowledge and interests.

  • How can Part Hunter benefit me?

    Part Hunter benefits you by providing an easy platform to buy or sell used car parts and to also find services in your area.

  • Is Part Hunter free?

    Yes Part Hunter is free to all users wanting to post simple ads. You will need to "purchase" the Lurker package which is free to begin posting! To increase the exposure of a posted ad, or contribute to blog posts, there are affordable packages available that offer these add-ons.

  • How does Part Hunter make money?

    Income streams for Part Hunter are provided via sale commissions and premium subscription purchases. 5%* of all Stripe** sales (excluding fees) go back to Part Hunter. We monetize the sales so that we can invest back into the development of the site making it better for our users. [*Subject to Change **Coming Soon]

  • How do I contribute to a blog?

    To contribute to the Part Hunter blog you will need to have one of the premium subscriptions. When you want to contribute your post, contact the team so we can give author privileges, or we can post the content on your behalf.

  • What are the Part Hunter Terms and Conditions?

    You can find the Terms and Conditions here,